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Plant Propagation Air-Layering Pod

Plant Propagation Air-Layering Pod - KOLLMART

Plant Propagation Air-Layering Pod

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Product Description

Want to clone your plants but scared to disturb your existing plant? No worries – the Plant Propagation Air-Layering Pod is guaranteed safe for the parent plants and provides no damage at all when propagating! Uses the ancient method of air layering which is about growing roots right onto the branches to replicate your existing plants and produce a new one. It provides no damage to the parent plant at all as it only uses a small branch on the plant you wish to clone, thus creates little to no disturbance and doesn’t disturb the plant’s natural growth. This is specially created with a cutting globe design which helps your cuttings achieve stronger roots to reproduce a more mature plant faster than normal propagation methods. It allows you to see propagation results within 6-8 weeks after installation. Attach and clone your existing plants with ease and without worries, thanks to the Plant Propagation Air-Layering Pod! Order now!

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