Ultra Ceramic Car Coating Protection

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Has your car or truck been looking a little dull or faded lately? With winter here, it’s time to freshen up your ride and make sure your car is protected from the elements! With the Ultra Ceramic Car Coating Protection, you will have your car shining just like it came from the showroom!

This 9H formula acts as a strong protective layer on your paint-work, protecting it from Scratches, Rain, Mud, Dirt, UV rays, Burn Spots, Snow and Ice Build-up while also giving it that fresh waxed look!

Just a thin coat of the mixture is needed and it performs as a shield on the car’s surface, making it much easier for you to keep your car glistening and dirt free. It creates a beautiful ceramic look on the paint job, giving it that sharp reflective finish! Watch rain and water bead up and just slide right off!

We are offering USPS delivery so get your Ultra Ceramic Car Coating Protection within 2-3 business days! 

How to use: simply apply some of the mixture to the sponge or a dry cloth and wipe onto the surface of your vehicle, let it dry… It’s that easy!

Recommended Quantity:

Product Features:

• Adds a Protective Layer To Paint Job
• Restores Color
• Creates a Beautiful Ceramic Finish With That Showroom Reflective Look
• Easy to Apply
• Colorless
• 100% Non-Toxic
• Eco-friendly Formula

• One 30ml Bottle, Covers 18-20 Square Meters of Surface Space

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Package Contents:

1x 30ml Bottle of  Ultra Ceramic Car Coating Protection
1x Double-Sided Sponge
1x Dust-free Cloth

1x User Manual

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