Food Bag Sealing Clip

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Product Description:

Got a lot of leftovers from last night’s midnight snack but don’t know how to keep them? Or tired of Inconvenient bag clips? This Food bag sealing Clip saves your food and lets you easily pour without the mess! This clip helps preserve foods by sealing the bag tightly while allowing you to pour the contents easily when you need them. You don’t need to unravel the packaging every time and transfer the contents to a sealed container. It features a clamp that seals the bag tightly keeping the food fresh and a spout and lid that allows you to pour the contents in a breeze. It is made of 100% food-grade PP, which is not only safe and eco-friendly but also a microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe. Universal design will fit most plastic or paper bags, such as coffee bags, cereal bags, sugar bags, flour bags, popcorn bags, etc. ! Get yourself this Food bag sealing Clip and enjoy your every bite of a fresh and crispy snack with the whole family!


The design seals air out, keeping food fresh for months.
These clips are reusable for many years.
Non-slip rubber bases to ensure that food does not spill into bags. Gadget folding is done using it.

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